COFEM Feminist Pocketbook

Feminist Pocketbook Tip Sheets


In 2018, COFEM launched the Feminist Pocketbook, a series of ten short tip sheets that discuss the importance of feminist-informed approaches to addressing VAWG (i.e. GBV). The Pocketbook can be used as a whole to facilitate discussion about GBV work, or individual tip sheets (downloadable below in Arabic, English, French and Spanish) can be used to promote learning on specific issues. The goal of the Pocketbook is to empower practitioners, researchers and activists to help their colleagues, organizations and other stakeholders improve advocacy, policy and programming efforts by promoting a common theoretical ground for shared understanding and action.

Download Individual Tip Sheets:

Tip Sheet 1: Why does a feminist perspective matter in work to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls?

Tip Sheet 2: Why does GBV programming focus on women and girls?

Tip Sheet 3: Connecting gender-based violence, sexual harassment and everyday sexism

Tip Sheet 4: Staying accountable to women and girls

Tip Sheet 5: Feminist approaches to building knowledge and evidence on GBV

Tip Sheet 7: Violence against men and boys

Tip Sheet 8: Maximising impact: Understanding risks and benefits of coordinated efforts to address different forms of violence