COFEM Feminist Pocketbook

Feminist Pocketbook Video Series


Have you read COFEM’s Feminist Pocketbook? Are you wondering how best to apply the recommendations in the tip sheets? Are you interested in learning how other feminists are using your favourite tip sheet? In this video series, COFEM members reflect on how the guidance found in the Feminist Pocketbook has helped them effectively articulate and implement feminist-informed approaches to addressing violence against women and girls (VAWG) in their work.

In this video series, COFEM members share personal experiences applying the knowledge in the Feminist Pocketbook, and what they have found useful in the tip sheets. Many of the challenges we face in our work to end VAWG are interrelated, and similarly, all the tip sheets in the Feminist Pocketbook are complementary. We hope that using the tip sheets in combination will help to deepen shared understanding of why a feminist perspective is so essential in work to end VAWG. Plus, the tip sheets are designed to break down sometimes complex ideas into more digestible basics — to help us all have more productive conversations about these critical issues.

And don’t just listen to our members’ feedback! Please download, print, read and use the Feminist Pocketbook yourself, and share the tip sheets with those who aren’t able to access this resource easily. Reach out to COFEM on our contact page if you would like to request additional information or collaborate.

Watch Member Reflections on Individual Tip Sheets:

Introduction to the Feminist Pocketbook

Tip Sheet 1: Why does a feminist perspective matter in work to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls?

Tip Sheet 2: Why does GBV programming focus on women and girls?

Tip Sheet 3: Connecting gender-based violence, sexual harassment and everyday sexism

Tip Sheet 4: Staying accountable to women and girls

Tip Sheet 5: Feminist approaches to building knowledge and evidence on GBV

Tip Sheet 6: Men as allies and activists

Tip Sheet 7: Violence against men and boys

Tip Sheet 8: Maximising impact: Understanding risks and benefits of coordinated efforts to address different forms of violence

Tip Sheet 9: Backlash: What is it and how do we address it safely?