Feminist Research Assessment Tool

The purpose of this tool is to support everyone engaging in research to gain a practical awareness of what choices are being made in the knowledge-generation process and reflect on how aligned a particular piece of gender-based violence (GBV) research is with a feminist methodology.

This tool can be used by anyone for any type of gender-based violence research, whether it is your own work or an external research project. It has been optimized to be used by people familiar with research focused on gender-based violence. You may want to complete the questions as a team, as some sections require familiarity with specific aspects of the research process (e.g., research design, analysis, communications, etc.)

The Companion Guide accompanies the Feminist Research Assessment Tool and presents the survey in PDF format. It seeks to support individuals, teams and organizations to move through the online survey. Results from the Tool can only be generated by completing the survey.

The Annex summarises COFEM’s TipSheet on Feminist Approaches to Building Knowledge on GBV and provides additional resources to support you to action the results from your assessment.