COFEM Statement of Solidarity with Iran’s Mahsa Amini protests

COFEM stands in solidarity with feminists in Iran and around the world, condemning the murder of Mahsa Amini under Iranian Police Forces. Mahsa was detained by Tehran’s morality police on September 13 2022 for allegedly violating a hijab law. She tragically died under police custody three days later.

Globally, women and girls face severe risks of violence, including murder, due to patriarchal, white supremacist, ableist, heteronormative institutions, and religious rules and sanctions. Today, Iranian women protesting Mahsa’s murder faced continued threats and acts of violence, with a growing toll on women’s human rights defenders who have been killed during demonstrations. Women continue to risk their lives in the face of state aggression and gendered oppression. At the time of writing this statement, over 92 protestors have lost their lives.

In response, solidarity rallies are sparking around the world to support Iranian women’s plea for safety, equitable rights, bodily autonomy, and basic freedoms. In addition to sharing support and outrage on social media, we encourage folx who are able to donate directly to Iranian, feminist-led and human rights organizations. Some organizations you can donate to include: United for Iran, NCRI Women Committee, and My Stealthy Freedom.

Here is a link to the protest song that’s been galvanizing the unrest. The singer, Shervin Hajipour, was arrested several days ago.

For my sister, your sister, our sisters
For embarrassed fathers with empty hands
For the sigh over an ordinary life
For the child laborer and his dreams
For this dictatorial economy
For this polluted air
For all those unstoppable tears
For missing the murdered kids
For the smiling faces
For the students and their future
For all the smart ones in prison
For the Afghan kids
For all the meaningless slogans
For the feeling of peace
For the sunrise after the long dark nights
For the girl who wished she was born a boy
…For Woman, Life, Freedom

To show your support you can also sign on to this petition “A Call for Transnational Feminist Solidarity With Iranian Protests

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