Advocacy Consultant


Through interviews with COFEM members as well as research and analysis of the wider advocacy landscape surrounding the issues that COFEM focuses on, COFEM recently developed an Advocacy Action Plan that informs COFEM’s engagement with external stakeholders around efforts to facilitate targeted advocacy and learning linked to centering women and girls in VAWG work. The Advocacy Action Plan sets out some of the core priorities of COFEM’s advocacy work, and details specific actions for 2019. This Action Plan will need to be updated in early 2020 to reflect priorities for the coming year.

Scope of the Assignment

COFEM is seeking an advocacy expert to work in a team with our current Advocacy Consultant to advise on and support the development and implementation of advocacy activities for 2020 that align with COFEM’s overall Advocacy Action Plan.
It is anticipated that this position will begin in January 2020 and average 3 or 4 days per month over a period of 9 to 12 months. The deliverables listed below are indicative and based on feasibility in the part-time assignment. The Consultant will be assisted in these priority activities by the Co-Consultant, the COFEM Advocacy Working Group, and additional COFEM team members who will be supporting the scope of work:

  1. Update the COFEM advocacy action plan to reflect new issues and opportunities that have been identified by COFEM members for 2020.
  2. Collaborate with Co-Consultant to schedule monthly Advocacy Working Group meetings and serve as the touch point for all advocacy-related concerns of COFEM members.
  3. Develop and share a calendar of key stakeholder events in 2020 where members can explore advocacy opportunities, and support members who are presenting at or attending global events.
  4. Update COFEM’s donor toolkit (with a careful review of GBV Guidelines and other resources) to ensure member messages are consistent when advocating with targeted donor agencies.
  5. With support from the Advocacy Working Group and COFEM members, provide inputs to key policy documents and strategies.
  6. Design and implement a dissemination strategy for COFEM’s latest publications (including translated documents) and related material at global and regional events, and via COFEM website, online communications, and other channels.
  7. Build media alliances and identify innovative opportunities and platforms, which can serve to highlight the work of COFEM in centering women and girls in VAWG/GBV work.
  8. Using those opportunities, regularly draft blog posts, press releases, statements, advisories, op-ed pieces, briefings, message guidance, fact sheets, and other material to ensure that COFEM is a ‘go-to’ source for knowledge on feminist efforts to address VAWG/GBV in humanitarian and development settings.

Required skills and experience

  • Proven advocacy and policy experience (at least 8 years), related to VAWG/GBV, women’s rights or humanitarian/development assistance
  • Strong technical knowledge and expertise in ending violence against women and girls including best practices and international standards on VAWG/GBV
  • Extensive knowledge of feminist theory, gender, VAWG/GBV and women’s rights issues in development and humanitarian settings
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including excellent command of English language, understanding of working with print, electronic, online and/or social media, demonstrated ability to write for a wide range of audiences, preferably with an established publications record
  • Ability to deliver time-sensitive advocacy products under tight deadlines
  • Experience in working with UN agencies, donor community, foundations and INGOs
  • Excellent organizational and collaborative skills, attention to detail and able to meet deadlines
  • Demonstrated commitment to feminist principles, women’s rights and movement building

To Apply

Interested candidates should submit a CV, cover letter and writing samples to no later than November 22, 2019. All applications are welcome. COFEM will prioritize applications from the global South for this position.